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Bobby Mackeys Ghost Hunt
Bobby Mackey's
Wilder, KY
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Bobby Mackeys Ghost Hunt
Bobby Mackey's is reported to be one of the most haunted locations in America.  Do not let the music lull you into a false sense of security.  

When the lights go out and you venture downstairs you will soon understand that this location has a dark, sinister past. Many paranormal teams and television programs have investigated this Honky Tonk and few have left without the firm belief that the basement holds the gateway to hell!

The harrowing history eludes to the blood of innocence soiling the earth creating an unholy presence that lurks in the shadows.  The evidence captured, the paranormal occurrences witnessed and experiences of investigators tell a story of the twisted and dark past.A staircase near the well of the old slaughterhouse has been deemed "the stairs that lead to nowhere" by investigators and phantom footsteps are often heard by those who dare to venture into the basement.

Testimonies of a former caretaker that resided in the apartment upstairs speak of demonic possession.  The incident was so harrowing that the Church intervened and performed an exorcism in the club!

Patron's of Bobby Mackey's have reported experiencing suffocating heat, flying trashcans and hearing a man chanting in Latin, "Die game, die game." (English translation: dying well/good)

Janet Mackey (Bobby's wife) claimed to have been overcome by the scent of roses in the basement (associated with the ghost of Johanna and her perfume), grabbed around the waist, picked up, thrown down and pushed down the stairs by force by something that resembled sketches of murderer Alonzo Walling, screaming, "Get out! Get out!" After this traumatic experience, she refused to set foot in the club.

This location is one that promises not to disappoint.  From the land's association with Satanic Cultic practices to the murder and death that has tragically occurred time and again - the spirits are restless and ready to share their stories.  The only question that remains - will you be brave enough to venture into the gateway to hell?

Location History:

Much of the history of Bobby Mackeys Music World is wrapped in legend and folklore but most who visit this Honky Tonk can attest to the strange happenings in this gateway to hell.

As it is told, the land once played host to a slaughterhouse around the 1850s.  More than half a century before Upton Sinclairs The Jungle exposed the unsanitary and inhumane practices of such places  the carnage was simply dumped into a well in the basement.  Many h

ave looked at this act as unintentional but still very bloody animal sacrifice.

After the closing of the slaughterhouse in the 1890s the legend takes a darker turn.  The rumor that has the most legs is that a Satanic Cult occupied the land sacrificing more than just animals.

Probably the most horrifying account is of 22-year-old Pearl Bryan who was found murdered in 1896.  Her headless body was found in a field near the land where the George Dobson Distillery now sat.

When Pearl discovered she was pregnant, her boyfriend Scott Jackson and his roommate Alonzo Walling attempted to abort the fetus on their own.  After all, a student at the Ohio College of Dental Surgery would surely know how to perform the procedure, right?  Wrong.  As you can imagine, things did not go so well

and Pearl died.  They attempted to cover up their actions by decapitating her and abandoning her body.  Many believe the only reason they were caught is because they didnt remove her shoes.  

During the 1920s a new building was erected on the land.  Prohibition was in full force and the people of Wilder, Kentucky had their own dark little speakeasy.  As with most of these establishments, the end of prohibition did not bring an end to the mobsters that had taken advantage of an easy market.

In 1933, E.A. Buck Brady purchased the club and renamed it Primrose.  His casinos success was noticed by the mob of Cincinnati who tried to muscle their way into his establishment.  Brady refused to be intimidated, pulling a gun on Albert Red Masterson.  Soon after he was charged with attempted murder and left his business in 1946.

The Cleveland Syndicate reopened the location as a nightclub in the 1950s called the Latin Quarter.  His daughter, Johanna is rumored to have fallen in love with and become pregnant by one of the nightclub singers, Robert Randall.  The young lovers had intended to run off together but her father refused to allow the romance to happen and had the young man killed.  Johanna, mourning her lovers death, poisoned her father and then took her own life in the basement.

The nightclub was closed in the late 70s after several fatal shootings.  But later the same year, Bobby Mackey, a young up and coming country singer, bought the building and so began the legendary journey of Bobby Mackeys Music World.

Additional Information:

Your ghost hunt at Bobby Mackey's includes the following:

Exclusive Overnight Access to this very haunted location,
Group Séances,
Ghost Hunting Vigils,
Structured Vigils,
Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team,
Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters,
Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils,
Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.
Selection of snacks.
Guests are strongly advised to bring extra warm clothing with them.


Bobby Mackey's (Ver)
44 Licking Pike
Wilder, KY 41071
United States


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